A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Knock the other Sumo out of the ring!


  • <Left Arrow> : Move Left
  • <Right Arrow>: Move Right
  • <Up Arrow>: Bounce Higher (time press during an impact with the floor)

Known Issues

  • Headphones are currently required until we fine tune the audio gating buffer. Without headphones an audio feedback loop will occur
  • We're currently chasing down a memory leak that will slowly but surely fill up your Ram and will eventually result in the program hanging requiring a force quit. We've already reduced the leak by half and just need to locate the last few drips.
  • The networked players face tracking is a tad sluggish and cant always keep up. Our Anexia servers should be online shortly and should remedy this problem.

Install instructions

please note: The Windows build is currently more stable than the Mac build.

  • Run in windowed mode
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Graphics Quality: Good (higher settings may result in slower performance)
  • Use headphones or a feedback loop will occur
  • This current build supports 2 players and auto creates a networked game room running on a cloud server upon two players launching the app and clicking the "Begin Chat" button. Attempting to run and connect more than two instances of this build could result in unexpected behavior.


Sumo_Windows_V3.0.zip 19 MB
Sumo_Mac_V3.0.app.zip 29 MB